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This course is designed for those who have already taken Multi-Pitch 101, or who already have experience safely leading and descending multi-pitch climbs. You will gain the most from this course if you who want to learn how to be fast and efficient on multi-pitch terrain and hone more advanced techniques than offered in the Multi-Pitch 101 course.

What to Expect:

This course can be customized to fit the experience level of the participant(s) and topics may include Fast Transitions, Multi-Pitch Efficiencies, Linking Pitches, Stacked Rappelling, Managing more than one rope, Belaying two seconding climbers, and more!

Recommended Gear For This Course:

You will be required to provide your own climbing shoes and harness, in addition to those items, consider bringing the following:


1 Person: $240

2 Person: $170 per person ($340 total)

3 Person: $140 per person ($420 total)

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